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About Fire and Death
Our great Kinship was founded on the 5th Day of February in the Year of Our Bird Man, 2013, when the legends that are Mintotolkien, Missliz and Looerey sat around a Sabretooth statue and so The Sabretooth Warriors were born.
That name was later changed not long after the release of the second Hobbit film to Fire and Death in around January 2014, because of an obsession with Smaug the Terrible that former Leader Audrielle had.
The Kin has gone through many hard times but we always get back to our feet. Our interests include talking, talking, and more talking. We also like to play weird games like Sidewards Horse Racing and Extreme Hide and Seek. But what we want the most is a happy, casual Kin who knows how to joke and enjoy themselves.

Click the tab above named 'Fire and Death' (or click here if you're lazy) to view our rules and a more in-depth explanation of how our Kin works.

Drunk Kinship Name: The Order of Withywindian Knights of Fire and Death with Sabretooth Warrior Spirits
Actual Kinship Name: Fire and Death

Leader: Rodolin McFly
Successor: Bryluen McFly
Kin Gods: The Bird Man of West Bree Gate, The Lord of Beer and Harold The Herald

Officers: Some people
Kin Anthem: The Blood of a Shrew
Leaders in order: Mintotolkien, Audrielle, Rodolin, Audrielle, Rodolin, Audrielle (Rollercoaster Sunday), Dolvadin, Rodolin
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RIP Mouth of Sauron RIP Dess
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The Vile Maw!
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Fire and Death vs Mordor
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Tank vs Barad-Dur
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Tank vs Barad-Dur
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Minas Morgul
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Simply Flying into Mordor
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Fire and Death