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re: Omanfalcon (and Rodolin) can go home!


Today Turbine released Update 14 - earlier than expected! 

In the kin there are several Men characters that inherit from the land of Gondor. But until today they could not visit their home. But now Turbine released Update 14 and finally we can enter the realm of Gondor for the first time! There's also been alot of other changes with Update 14. 

Here are the highlights copied from LOTRO Forum: 

Welcome to West Gondor
West Gondor is a beautiful new area in LOTRO, but the peace of the lands surrounding Dol Amroth has been threatened by the landing of Corsair ships along the coast. These violent, brutal invaders have brought with them a tide of fear and unrest in the fair stone cities of Gondor’s noble people. The Blackroot Vale, Lamedon, and the Havens of Belfalas are home to a number of friends of the Free Peoples as well as enemies allied with Sauron, and there is much to be done to help the good folk of West Gondor.

Epic Story Volume IV
A New Volume of the Epic Story begins! With the threat of Saruman ended, adventurers throughout Middle-earth must now prepare for the full onslaught of Sauron, the Great Enemy! The Rohirrim muster for war and Aragorn enters the Paths of the Dead, bound for his destiny… and you must follow behind, to safeguard the lands through which he must pass. Volume IV is free to all players!

The Essence System is here!
New gear found throughout the world can be upgraded and enhanced by placing Essences into available slots. 
A quick overview

  • You will find armor with open slots that can accept essences.
  • Both the armor and essences drop in a wide variety of areas and content; some can even be crafted.
  • By slotting essences into this new armor you can customize the stats of the armor to your liking.
  • With this update, the essences will be exceedingly rare. We don’t want to flood the market before we get some good feedback on the live servers. Don’t worry, if you don’t see many of these initially, we’ll be increasing the drop rates some time soon once we see how they play. The intent here is for players to have access to customization options, not to create a new grind. The essences are unbound until used so they can be freely traded amongst players.

The level cap has been raised!
You may now level your character to level 100! All classes have seen the addition of new skills and additional trait points to allow players to further enhance their characters.


Now all that's left for me is to see if they've fixed the warden class ... 


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