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re: Legendary items at lvl 99+


In this guide I'll try to explain the different things you should do with (ewww) your Legendary Items at level 99+, I'm assuming you have basic knowledge of the Legendary Item system because well... it's level 99+.

In update 16 the imbueing system was introduced, this allows the player to have a legendary item that 'levels with them', you should not imbue your level 100 Legendary Item as soon as you get it. (D'awww)

Before you imbue you should:

  • Use 3 Anfalas Star-Lit Crystals () on your item. The amount of Star-Lits you've used on your item is indicated by the golden stars (or lack thereof) under the minimal level of your item. (Anfalas) Star-Lit Crystals upgrade the passive stats and DPS of your item.
  • Use a Anfalas Crystal of Remembrance () on your item, this unlocks an additional legacy on your item.
  • Use a Anfalas Scoll of Delving () on your item, this will let your item gain an additional 10 iLevels (for a max. iLevel of 70)
  • Get your item to iLevel 70, this way you'll have all your possible legacies.
  • Make sure you have all the legacies you want, or the means to change them when your item is imbued. For unimbued item this is done by leveling another Legendary Item (min. level 100) to iLevel 30 and deconstructing it, you should be able to choose a legacy to keep and will receive a scroll in your inventory 'containing' the legacy; if you then right click the scroll you should be able to swap the legacy with one that is already on your item.For imbued item there are Imbued Legacy Replacement Scrolls (), when you use these you will get a list with your current legacies, and you will be able to choose any legacy for your weapon type + class to replace it with.

NOTE: I recommend not using Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment () before imbueing your item, you'll need a lot of them after imbueing...

Phew... that was a big block of text, you still with us?

Nice, let's continue then.

After you've completed all the steps above you're finally ready to imbue your item! Go to your friendly neighboorhood Forge-Master and imbue it! After imbueing your item go to your Legendary Item menu (Shift + i), your menu should look a little different: There are no longer any Legacy Points, they have been replaced by these strange bars looking a bit like the experience bar. That's because they are in fact like little experience bars! Your legacies will now rank up by you getting experience from quests/mobs.

Behind these bars you'll notice a blue box with two numbers, most likely 0/31, this is the current level of your legacy over the max. level of the legacy. You can increase the max. level of your legacies to 44 (as of u 18.1) using Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment () (Remember those from before?), to increase the max. level of your base-legacy (the top legacy on the list) you have to use Anfalas Star-Lit Crystals () the max. level for base-legacies is 33.

I hope this guide helped you with your Legendary Item, if you have any tips or questions or feel like yelling at me, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message ingame.




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