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re: LotRO player's Guide to the Chat


In this guide I want to tell you about the chat system in lotro, and how to make the most out of it. Almost everybody uses the chat but many people use it ineffectively or still have questions.



Different channels:

As you may know the chat in LotRO is divided into channels, these are:

Name: Range: Used for:
Say Area inside minimap Communicating with multiple players outside your Fellowship or Raid
Fellowship Serverwide Communicating with your Fellowship
Kinship Serverwide Communicating with your Kinship
Advice Region Asking for advice within your region (not used that often)
Emote Area inside minimap Custom emotes (automatically adds your name in front of everything you say)
LFF (Looking For Friends - uhh Fellowship) Region Looking for a fellowship, often for local instances (Not used that often)
OOC (Out Of Character) Region Talking out of character on Roleplay servers, also as general chat in the Ettenmoors
Officer Serverwide Communication between the officers of a Kinship, not visible for recruits and/or kinsmen/women
RP Serverwide Roleplaying on non-roleplay servers
Raid Serverwide Communicating with your Raid
Regional Region Communicating within your Region (Not used that often)
Trade Region Trading within your Region (Not used that often)
World Serverwide Joining Instances, trading, complaining about the state of the world
IM (Instant Messaging) Serverwide Personal communication

These channels can be joined by clicking the little speech bubble in the bottom left of your chat-window or using the different commands like /f for fellowship chat.




LotRO uses commands to do a lot of different things, and there's too many of them to list them all here. Some usefull commands include:

Command: Effect:
/joinchannel *channelname * *password* Joins or creates a  user chat channel with the given name, password is optional
/1, /2, /3, /4 Talk in a user chat channel
/stuck Teleports you to the nearest 'revival spot' after a 1 minute countdown
/played Tells you how much time you've played on this character (Not for the faint of heart, or pregant)
/cpet rename *name* Renames your cosmetic pet
/exit Closes the game

Chat tabs:

As you may have noticed some channels *ahem* World *ahem* can be quite busy and can 'drown out' other channels. For this I recommend putting World in a seperate tab, to do this you have to:

  • Right click on any tab
  • Click 'Create new tab'
  • Right click on the new tab
  • Click 'Change filters'
  • Make sure World has a check behind it
  • Right click on your main tab(s)
  • Click 'Change filters'
  • Make sure World isn't checked

I also use a seperate tab for channels I need to keep an eye on like Raid, Fellowship, Kinship and IM. You can drag to a open spot in your UI to create a new chat window (I personally use 2 windows).



Chat colors:

For some reason LotRO uses the color white (or lack-of-color whatever) for multiple channels, I recommend changing the color of your Raid channel if you have it in the same tab as World or Say, to do this you have to:

  • Right click on any tab
  • Click 'change text colours'

Or alternatively go to Options > Chat.



Item links:

Maybe you've seen people display their items in chat before, this is done by either pressing CTRL + Right Click on the item, or dragging it to your input bar.



Abbreviations in chat:

Abbreviation meaning
LF Looking for
WTS Want To Sell
WTB Want To Buy
WTT Want To Trade
PM/PST Please Send me a Tell (IM)
OD Ost Dunhoth (Most often Wound and Fear)
IotF/IoF/IF Inn Of The Forsaken
OE Ost Elendil
GB Great Barrow
Pela Retaking Pelargir
IF Instance Finder
T1/T1C/T2/T2C Difficulties for instances, T1 is the easiest T2C the hardest
DoS the Dome Of Stars
SG Sammath Gul
RC Ruined City
WP Warg-Pens of dol guldur
HD Helm's Dike
DW Deeping Wall
SH Sword-Halls of dol guldur
Sammy Sambrog
BoD Bells Of Dale
HoN Halls Of Night
SS the Silent Street
Quays/Harlond the Quays of the harlond
TDT Throne of the Dread Terror
NF/NcF Northcotton Farm



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re: LotRO player's Guide to the Chat


Is it bad that there are some things in this I didn't know about... xD

Well even so, it just goes to show how good the guide is, well done Noggy.


"Some say fighting drunk is a bad way to fight. I say fighting drunk is the only way to fight!" - A badass Dwarf.
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