Kinship History


Our Kinship was founded on the 5th Day of February in the Year of Our Bird Man, 2013, by our first Leader, Mintotolkien (my adopted father), Haradmir (me), Missliz and Looerey after we left our previous Kin (and my first) The Whitewolf Companions, which sadly disbanded shortly after. While in Mintotolkien's house, we sat around a sabretooth trophy, thinking about what we wanted our Kin to be and thinking up names. Me, being so very creative and inspired by the mighty beast in front of us, suggested The Sabretooth Warriors as a name. We agreed on that, Mintotolkien became our frist Leader, Missliz his Successor, me and Looerey becoming Officers, and life was good. But it did not last, when a couple of months later Mintotolkien and Looerey ent offline forever, and Missliz coming on now and then but eventually going inactive, coming on very very rarely. I later became Leader for a while.

Fast forward to January or February of 2014, I had already passed Leadership to one of my Officers, Audrielle, months before and now we were both fangirling over the mighty Smaug (who didn't?) since the second Hobbit film came out not long before and decided it was time the Kin had a revamp, and a new name, inspired by Smaug. Again, as I had suggested The Whitewolf Companions to its Leader, Slugar, and The Sabretooth Warriors to Mintotolkien, I suggested the name Fire and Death. And here we are.

On the 12th of August 2015, after coming back from months on inactivity (in the Romanian Army), Officer Thaurus gave us the name of The Order of Knights of Withywindle of Fire and Death with Sabertooth Warriors Spirits, and later changed the same day by me to The Order of Withywindian Knights of Fire and Death with Sabertooth Warrior Spirits. Good name huh?

The year of 2016 was relatively drama free (with the exception of a certain life insurance company that Rodolin, our newest leader, got involved in.

But enough about our history, we are now focussing on moving forward. We originally made a post about the rules of the Kinship, but we decided to create a tab specifically for anyone looking for information about Fire and Death, as well as to make the information easier to access and more in-depth. The original post can be found here. Should you have any questions about the rules or anything, please reply to that post or send me a PM on the website or on Lotro.




We are a Mixed and casual Kinship, meaning that anyone of any age, race, class or play style are allowed to join. When we recruit someone into Fire and Death, there is a waiting period of at least three days before they can be promoted to the rank of Kinsman. However, even then, there is no guarantee as Officers will promote Recruits to Kinsmen based on their involvement and what they can bring to the Kin, and what we can do for them.

The reason being, we don't just want our members to be numbers in the Kin panel, I learned long ago that numbers do not win a battle (but they do help (Narnia reference)), but we want our members to be part of our Kin, to embody our three Values, to be talkative, friendly, fun, but also mature, which is exactly what Fire and Death strives to be. 

The days between joining and promotion gives us time to get to know our Recruits, and if an Officer believes they have potential then they will be promoted to Kinsman. In short: you gotta be a good egg. However, if they don't show potential (do not participate, stay completely silent, etc.) then they will remain a Recruit as that is not what our Kin is about.

Another reason for it is that only Kinsmen and above have access to the Kin Chest, therefore it prevents people from joining just to take advantage of that. We also strongly encourage our Kinsmen to register on the website to encourage more activity so that important information will be seen; it's also fun for everyone to read other member's posts, upload pictures, and generally enjoy themselves. The last thing they must do before they become a full Member is read our rules and agree to them.


 Code of Conduct


We have requirements on how Officers, Kinsmen and even Recruits need to behave if they wish to remain in the Kin. Mostly this is just made of common sense, but you'd be surprised at how stupid people can be.

These rules will act as the 5 golden rules for the Kin Chat:

1) No bullying. This may seem like an obvious rule, but we have had cases of people leaving the Kin because they felt victimized, made fun of, and nobody cared. It is tolerable, however, if the remarks are intended as a joke and are received as such, but taking it too far will result in punishment to be decided by the Leader and Co-Leaders.

2) No spamming. Spamming involves both sending repeated messages over and over, and long pointless paragraphs of pure crap to the annoyance of other players.

3) No excessive swearing. Exceptions to the rule are mild words such as damn, crap, bloody etc. Stronger words are permitted (we all do it don't we), but don't go overboard with it. As long as you don't use loads in every single sentence, you should be fine don't worry. However, please bare in mind that not only will younger kids obviously be playing, but we want people to have a good impression of us and not think of us as immature teenagers. Any language used aggressively towards another player is not tolerated. We don't want to upset or offend anyone.

4) No oppressive or offensive discussions or language. Racism, sexism, homophobia and the like will not be tolerated to any degree. Offensive words used to refer to a group of people (slurs) are obviously also not allowed (if you use a word you were not aware was offensive, please listen to those who ask you not to say it again. Any use of this will result in immediate punishment and probably expulsion.

5) Regarding the excessive use of caps lock. When we say excessive, we mean excessively excessive. For the most part it's fine, but it's pretty darn annoying when used for anything beyond a few small sentences and for good reason. Bear that in mind folks.


 If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, please post them in the forum 'Public Posts'.




Our Kin is run by one Leader (currently Rodolin) and the co-leader Haradmir. Ultimately, we make the final decision and if disagreements take place we make compromises to come to the right decision. However, on most things we and the Officers discuss the matter to come to a right decision, voting if need be.